Welcome to Big.Coins

Big.Coins is the solution to all your bit coin troubles

You do not have to deal with annoying email strings or risky transactions

Evolution.Coins is a team of people that help you with upgrading your bitcoins

They work to find and cash the paypal, Wells Fargo accounts, and then give you cleaned bitcoins

The only thing you need is a bitcoin wallet

If you do not have one, then we recommend that you use https://www.coinbase.com/ It is one of the best bitcoin wallets out there today

Our Offers

0.1 BTC - You Recieve - .3 BTC

.3 BTC - You Recieve - .9 BTC

.9 BTC - You Recieve - 2.7 BTC

2.0 BTC - You Recieve - 6 BTC

How to Pay

You send your bitcoins to the following wallet address: 1QBgWUaLqRxTqa1xm4ZNWP7pjheSJ38MwR

After you make your payment, be sure to send us an email at bigcoins@sigaint.org.

In the e-mail tell us how many coins you sent and what address your coins go to.

If you do not complete this step we will not know who you are and where to send the bitcoins to.

Happy Coining

The Big.Coins Team